Sunday, 24 February 2008

Medical HQ - Toad Hall - Oxygen Hangover Cure

Well our home is turning into medical HQ

We now have an oxygen machine in the living room with meters of tubing so Barry can use it in as many areas of the house as possible - this is a machine that separates oxygen from the rest of the air and deliverers it though a tube to the patent.

But mostly he is in bed now, he feels cold all the time and has no energy to do anything but stay in bed.

Plus 2 spare oxygen bottles in case of a power cut and smaller bottles that he is supposed to take our with him if he goes in the car or anywhere else.
Oxygen is supposed to be a GREAT handover cure - so if I get stressed and drink to much I will give it a go and let you know.

Barry also has a bone marrow biopsy booked for Tuesday next week and I have a MIR scan appointment in a week or two.

Its turning into a hospital rather than a home

A lot to adjust to in such a short time !
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