Wednesday, 6 February 2008

World War Two Bombs

I have not posted today because yesterday and today have been eventful.

After I posted yesterday morning I went out to see my counsellor about a 40 minute drive away.
I was driving back from seeing my counsellor - at the counsellors I had a real panic attack for the first time in over 25 years, the emotional strain of all this is now catching up with me.

Anyway I had the radio tuned to Radio Cornwall
On the news was a report of a 2nd world was bomb being discovered in a street in Falmouth. the bomb squad had been called and the street evacuated. It was discovered in the attic of a house being renovated.

I had this brief thought as this news was being read out
'All it needs now for this street to be the street my daughter Caja lives in'

And then I thought do not be daft - of course it is not her road!!!! You are really being paranoid now!!!

I know it will be hard to believe but it was - she lives in Marlborough Rd in Falmouth and a friend of ours - a bloke who used to go to sea with Barry - with his family lives opposite her too!!

So here I was in a full blown panic attack with on the Radio the news my daughters street had been evacuated!!!!!

I know this will be hard to believe - but this was so!
Actually it turned out that only a few houses were evacuated and everyone was out in them anyway - but my daughters student house was one of them!!

I could not contact her until I got home as I had forgotten my mobile phone. So I drove home - threw up when I got home - due to the stress of my panic attack - and then called her.

She was fine, she had seen the bomb squad arriving as she left to go to college in the morning and really in her calm way had not really thought much about it.

Anyway she stayed with us last night, and not even due to this as they had been let back in the house by then but because the other students were having a bit of a 'Shrove Tuesday' party and making a noise in the kitchen next to her room and she was tired so came home to sleep.

But my feeling at the moment is

It can only happen to us!!!!!

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