Thursday, 21 February 2008

The Good News!! - Caja on a degree course

The good news is that Caja heard today that she has been accepted on her degree course starting in September.

It is a degree course, starting with a two year foundation degree and then moving on to Plymouth UNI for a final two years to get the degree

And not the complicated way around - access course - as she thought she would have to do - and then the degree - she now does not have to do the access first.

And of course this helps with the finances as she would have had to pay to do the access course which would mean we would have to pay and she would not have got a grant as an independent Higher Ed student, not be eligible for a student loan - so we would have had to continue to pay her fees and all her living expenses - so this will help us too!

She has to do the foundation degree at Cornwall college in Culinary Arts for two years and then if she passes the two years of this she will go to Plymouth UNI to do the final years and turn it into a degree in Hospitality Management.

Will write more when I can, when I feel able - but I am so pleased and just so happy for her.

She has had a year out doing a chefs NVQ, due to her not concentrating on her A levels and thus passing but not with good grades - but that was not her fault as a lot was going on - and also her not being at all certain about what she actually wanted to do then.

Most of her friends have been at UNI since last September and she has felt a bit 'left out'.

But she made up her mind to do this degree a few months ago and despite not having the exact 'right' UCAS points - she had enough to get on the course but apparently not in the right areas - but her current NVQ course lecturers have decided that she has shown she can do a degree and are going to get her in on special recommendation .

She has got this by her own efforts. If she had not done so well on her NVQ chief's course she is on now, she would not have got into the degree
She deserves this!!

This is such GREAT news!
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