Friday, 22 February 2008

Barry is coming home for now

Barry has spent the day at the hospital, having lots of tests. he saw a respiratory consultant today too - Coutes I think - to investigate why his oxygen saturation's so low as he also had a chest X Ray and his lungs seem quite clear so this is quite puzzling

The good news is he is coming home!! They are not admitting him - they seem to understand we do not want this at all - and anyway all is not lost - as they say he may well still pull though this for now. As they do not think it is PCP Pneumonia - which is really good news

But it often happens that when you start on anti HIV meds that any bugs you already have in your system that if you did not have HIV you would never have known about as your immune system fights them and they have laid dormant - start to reproduce

The thought now is that he picked up some sort of bug that is affecting his lungs while working in the places he did and this has now - since the HIV meds - started to get the upper hand .

So he is to have a bone marrow biopsy next week to try to find out all the bugs that are in his system and find ways/medications to deal with them - he does not want to die just yet and they are not going to let him without a good fight.

But he is having oxygen delivered this afternoon - they have just rang to say it is on its way - a portable small tank for when he goes out and a big one for home - he needs oxygen at then moment as his SATs are so low.

This is quite a drastic thing to have to deal with - that Bary now has to walk round attached to an oxygen tank. And lets face it, you have to be pretty ill for this to be your situation.

But we are still BOTH going to fight this thing - at least to try to make sure he gets well enough to have a couple more years
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