Saturday, 8 March 2008

Recipe Book

Sorry I have not updated this recently but I have been concentrating on a recipe book we are doing for the Post Natal Charity to raise money for the charity

Adding to and editing this book has been helpful to me as recently my life has been nothing but this HIV and it feels good to be doing something practical and not related to HIV -

It has been good to get away from living and breathing HIV 24/7 .I also have some web sites to update which I will start next week

But doing this book has been more of a useful distraction than writing websites as it is practical as well as using my IT skills.

This is due to needing to cook most of the dishes I submit to make sure they work and I have quantities and times right and then take photographs of them to include in the book. I like both photography and cooking as hobbies so it combines the both interests.

However this book is not my book. Many of the volunteers for PNI ORG UK have contributed recipes, cooked their dishes and taken photographs as well as some have contributed drawings and their children have also.

I am only acting as the editor and adding a few of my own recipes. And one of the other trustees has already done a lot of work getting it into the shape and format we are using - it is a real joint effort !!

This book will be coming out in E-Book form only - it will not be printed and will cost about £5 to download. So if anyone wants to preorder and also help women with Post Natal Illness, let me know.

The book is great, really worth a fiver of any one's money!
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