Sunday, 3 February 2008

Barry - I found something to stop his vomiting

The anti-emetic injection Barry had from the doctor did not work - he was still throwing up constantly all night.

He had nothing left to be sick on but feeling sick and reaching nothing is still unpleasant. He was not drinking much so I was also worried about that.

He was also left some Buccastem (prochlorperazine) by the doctor yesterday that did nothing either and we have already tried Maxilon ( Metoclopramide) but this did nothing also.

So this morning at early I took things into my own hands.

I remembered a drug I have taken in the past occasionally - I have taken it now and then since I was 13 - when I felt sick due to my food intolerance and when I was so sick in pregnancy with Caja I was allowed by my doctor to take Avomine ( Promethazine) an anti-histamine based solution that you can still buy over the counter for sea sickness and used to be used for pregnancy and post operative nausea. It is considered pretty safe and in fact it is considered safe enough to be in an over the counter medicine for ill babies called Medised. Promethazine is the sedative part of Medised but it also has the advantage that it stops sick babies and children from vomiting too.
I reckoned if it is OK for pregnant women and babies and it is still an 'over the counter' drug, it has to be OK for Barry to try.
I do not think it has been used for post operative nausea for some years and is not now prescribed for pregnancy unless as a last resort.

But 18/19 years ago my doctor said when I was pregnant that I could use it - at my own risk - as this was my choice as I could buy it over the counter, but did reassure me that there is no evidence that it causes problems to the fetus and it has been used for many years in the past for pregnancy sickness. And in fact my mother took it with her last child Chantal and she is fine ( she is now 40 years old so we know it did not affect her)

So I looked it up in the BNF which I have a membership of to make sure there were no interactions with the drugs he is on, but just to check I rang Kernow Doc just to make sure it was OK to try it?

They said yes there was no reason not to try it, they said if he other things had not it was doubtful this would, but still worth a try, at this stage anything is worth a try - so I gave him one this morning, not an old packet I got a new supply.

And it worked!!! Thank goodness.
Within 20 minutes he said he no longer felt sick!

He felt very drowsy and tired but that is OK as he has not slept much at all for days, and he has since he took just one tablet not felt sick and nor thrown up has been able to take his other drugs for his infection and is now sleeping peacefully.

Thank goodness I have been able to help him.

It was horrible seeing Barry who has hardly ever thrown up in his life being so ill - he has only been sick twice before in the 30 years I have known him and this was for really bad food poisoning. He used to have a constitution of an ox.

Being ill and vomiting as well is the worse and it was horrible to see him like this

I only hope that if I ever get ill like him and have to take the same medication that is making him so sick that Promethazine works for me too?
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