Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Good News for Barry!!

I have just learnt that Cannabis is used by some AIDs sufferers to alleviate symptoms, including drug induced nausea and the nausea those with symptoms caused by the HIV virus itself can cause

Apparently there are in some countries some medications derived from Cannabis, such as aerosol sprays and tablets - licenced to prescribe for AIDs sufferers.
I do not know about the UK, but I doubt they are here.

However Barry may be pleased to learn this as a long time ago he used to enjoy the occasional smoke!! But that was a long time ago.

He had to give it up when he became a responsible worker/marine engineer as in his job he has long been random drug and alcohol tested. It was instant dismissal if it had been found he had ever had a sniff across the room of it!!!

But he may be pleased to hear this - as what has he to lose now?? He will never be going back to his job at sea and I doubt will now ever work again at all and I would not think they will prosecute him in his state if he used it now and then - just his own use - if it alleviates some of the horrible symptoms he is having, so why not?

He could never smoke it again as his chest would never allow it. However if it ever comes to it i.e that nothing else works to make him feel better...
I am sure there are other ways he can find to take it.
It would not work for me as I never liked it at all, but it may be a comfort to him.

Good to find some plus sides to this situation.

He will be pleased
But perhaps not - I do not want the drug squad round to add to my problems!!!
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