Thursday, 14 February 2008

Caja fine today and off to London

Sorry about my vast ramblings in my last post about Caja and my guilt. But I felt I may as well get it off my chest now I am writing what I feel in this blog - might as well say it all, there is no point in not anymore

But having needed to offload in my last post about my regrets about what we put Caja though when I had my accident and Barry did not stay away from sea to look after me, my selfishness then which let to such problems between Caja and I. And now my guilt that she is having to face again such a terrible thing in her yet very young life.

But I am happy to report that Caja has phoned in on her way to catch her train to London and today she is fine!

She seems no longer angry and said 'sorry mum' which is about as good as it gets as an apology for anything! If she says this I know she really means it and she was very chatty and OK with me on the phone. She does seem to recover quickly from emotional stuff theses days.

She is off to London to combine a trip to a chefs exhibition in London on Sunday with her college course, with visits to our relatives which we are close enough to but do not see often enough due to them being in London and we in Cornwall.

The rest of her course are travelling up on saturday but she has chosen to go a few days early and stay with my sister and visit my elder brother John, his children, her cousins, who are now in their 30s. One is the respiratory doctor at the Brompton who has been so helpful to us when Barry was in hospital with his HIV infections.

Then on Saturday she is travelling to Braintree Essex on the train to see her other 4 cousins, my brother Martins children who range from 11 to 17.

She is then coming back on Saturday night to join her college group at the hotel for the event .

This seems a very tight schedule and a lot to pack in and of course I am now worrying it will be too much for her as she gets tired quickly.

But she was very happy excited when she phoned. She likes travelling, especially by train so I am sure everything will go well and my brothers and sister will look after her
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