Friday, 22 February 2008

Barry in Hospital again?? Hope not!

I was beginning to feel that life was a bit more 'normal' and be hopeful about Barry.
But he was coughing over the last few days and we knew things were not right again but hoping it was not too bad. So he went on his own to the hospital this morning to find out.

Unfortunately his breathing has gone right down so his oxygen saturation is too low and he is now at the hospital having a barrage of respiratory tests.

He may not come home - or rather come home to get his car back here, but have me drive him back to be admitted again today. This is very likely - waiting to find out, but the tests will take some hours so will not know till later.

I am so scared he will die and die in hospital and I will not be able to be with him
That he may die is a real possibility - it has been for some time.

But I want him to die at home.
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