Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Drugs, drugs and more drugs for Barry!!

This morning Barry went back to the HIV clinic because he can not take the Seprtim for his PCP infection.

It is not good news as they did a liver function and kidney function test and the Septrim really did not agree with him and has lowered both. I do not know if this is why he was so sick on it, but his liver and kidney function has been affected, and the Septrum was not doing anything for the PCP.

So it will be even longer before he can go on antiretrovirals for HIV

This is really worrying for me as he has to be on them to fight HIV.

He is not well enough to take them as yet so now he has been put on another combination of drugs Primaquine: Clindamycin: and yet another anti nauseant Domperidone :

Our life from now on looks like it is going to be about drugs and nothing but the drugs - horrible!

But all we want is for him to get better from the PCP so he can start HIV therapy - this is actually his only hope of a few more years.

We were laughing that we have so many anti-emetics and anti nauseants' in the house, perhaps we shoud try to sell them on the black market to people like me who are emetophobic!!!

Just joking!!

And of course I will never lack for an anti-emetic for my emectophobia ( fear of vomiting) I have about 4 types to choose from and several packets of all of them!! It will take me years to get through this lot!!
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