Friday, 25 April 2008

YES!! Hypochondria reigns

Yes I am a Hypochondriac.

Having read though my last post it is obvious that I am!!

But if this is how I am going to have to cope with HIV and taking meds - I do not really care - it is up to me!!

  • Barry actually had the same range of symptoms during his first few weeks of HIV medication therapy - but he just did not bother to mention it!!And I guess that most who are not Hypochondriacs, would like Barry, just get on with it ? But it does not look like this will be how I will be

  • I know he did feel the same as every now and then I would catch him looking uncomfortable, or flushed or notice that he was sweating and ask, and he woudl tell me pretty much the range of things I am experiencing i.e sometimes he would feel sick, sometimes hot, sometimes cold, weak or dizzy, but I have to ask otherwise he would just plod on and not mention it!
    If he was feeling particularly bad or tired he would just say he was going to lie down - but as he has been tired since HIV I never knew if he was feeling ill or just needed a rest..

Oh Well

  • My family are just going to have to put up with it !
    I did not ask to have HIV and have to take theses meds
    ...........and Barry did not have to have sex with a pretty and young Brazilian woman to get it and to give it to me!

  • I have forgiven him, but he will just have to deal with the consequences of it for me.

As for Caja I have cared for through her every illness for just short of 19 years - so now its my turn.
While I do not expect her to actually care for me when I am ill or show any concern -as she never has up to know and I doubt HIV will change this overnight.

But I am not going to feel guilty when she is ill and wants my sympathy/attention/advice/help if I am feeling too ill to offer it like yesterday.
Of course if it is an emergency I will see to her and do my best - but otherwise she is old enough to look after herself sometimes when she is ill.
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