Sunday, 20 April 2008

Tonight is M Night!!!

Basically tonight I start on my HIV meds

I was going to start tomorrow but felt I may as well start tonight as that gives me the whole week to access the HIV consultants if something goes wrong i.e nasty side effects

Here is a picture of me outside the GU clinic, which is where HIV is treated here in Cornwall, UK .
My daughter and her friends call it the 'sex clinic'!!
How totally undignified to be going to a 'sex clinic' for sexually transmitted diseases when the only person I have had sex with for over 25 years is my husband - and then not that often!!!!!!
And my relationship before that was with a woman - which was NO risk for HIV!!!
HIV really does not belong in a clinic for STDs - yes it is usually transmitted by sex but not always and it is not curable and it changes your life for ever, and can be fatal and even if we survive for years with it, it will kill us all in the end.
It does not belong in a GU clinic and certainly not one with such lousy facilities!!!!!
I wanted to show how abysmal the facilities are but unfortunately I felt I could not take a photo inside!!

We have a life threatening disease that affects every aspect of our lives and yet we have to attend our consultants session in a sub standard prefab type building, hidden at the back of the hospital !!

Yet thousands/millions have been spent on the Mermaid Center and the 'Knowledge Spar' i.e Peninsula Medical School

Not asking for this level of spending!!

Just asking for something a little better than the totally crap facilities we with HIV have to accept!!
Barry outside Clinic
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