Monday, 28 January 2008

Medications and Plans

Talked to our niece yesterday - the respiratory doctor - and she said that Septrim is the right drug for him to be on.

Septrim may be an old medication but she said it still works for pcp pneumonia. Thank goodness we have a neice that knows as she is a doctor and in this area of work. Thank you for what you are doing to help us!

But I am also concerned that he is not yet on HIV drugs, which I think will be his best chance of beating this.

On one hand why do I care?

He has totally betrayed me and there is no way I can go and see him today and I do not know when or if I will feel able to go and see him.
For one thing I know that right now if I did I would hit him, yes, I would slap him hard in that hospital bed probably scream and rave at him and it would not be fair on those other poor patients in that bay. They don't need that disturbing them when they are so ill.

On the other hand I need him to get over this crisis, so he can come home to me and help me sort out all the things we have to sort out.
We need to sell this house - which also entails chucking out incredible amounts of junk we have accumulated, and I am just not physically up to doing this on my own.

And we then have to try to get enough for this house to buy Caja a small flat but one big enough for her to have a flat mate to help her pay the bills, and us a small place we can live in until he dies, or I do.

Where I live will have to be near the hospital, within 5 miles. I just can not drive or travel far when feeling unwell and I guess I will feel ill one day? And I need to be near enough to get to the HIV clinic at Treliske for checks and treatment, near enough to meet the people from the positively Kernow group and counsellors etc, and of course near enough to the hospital that if I need procedures or to be admitted it is near enough for me to get there if feeling ill and near enough for me to be able to do this on my own without having to get a friend or my daughter to drive me. I want to disrupt Caja's life as little as possible - we have interfered with her life too much already and others lives.

A tall order as anywhere I live will have to be within 5 miles of the Royal Cornwall Hospital, and house and flat prices are expensive that near to Truro.

But I am going to try.
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