Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Barry's CD4 and Viral load

Forgot to say - The results of Barry's CD4 and Viral load tests

His CD4 is 9 - god 9!!! - the threshold that they used to consider it AIDs ( along with viral load results ) is 200 apparently!!!!

So I am actually surprised that he is as well as he is!!!!!

Viral Load I think they said was 55,000? not as bad as his CD4 but still terrible!!!

But despite this he actually did seem a bit better today - but rang tonight to say he was vomiting. Poor Barry its really so miserable to be sick in a hospital bed, far worse than vomiting when at home.

This is probably a side effect of the Septrim ( god I'd never be able to take the drugs he is on) Well I hope it was a side effect.
All I can do is ring him in the morning and hope he feels better.
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