Friday, 6 June 2008

Sunday Mirror have not run my story

The Sunday Mirror have not run my story and are not interested in it for the daily Mirror- only the Sunday Mirror

And articles in the Sunday Mirror are undeniably more 'salacious ' in content

I am told they still may - but only I guess if there is no celeb or other more 'interesting' news that week

And I feel that their interest is only because HIV is a sexually transmitted Illness for most in the UK - and that is why they only will run it if they do in the Sunday Mirror as they prefer stories in there, where your sexual habits have caused the situation?

Yet I can count on my hands the amounts of times I have had sex in many years and then only with my husband.

Yet they ran a story in the Daily Mirror the other day of a woman who uses our Post Natal Illness support forum .

Hats off to her for getting it published

But her story is not very different from mine and many others when we/I had Post Natal Illness

-In fact it could have been my story except I attacked my husband and not my mother and he was too confused to tell anyone

And I NEVER received any treatment for PNI as because I was too scared to tell anyone at the time about my hallucinations and the plans to kill my daughter with knives - I did not get any medical treatment, and my husband was at sea, so I had to see the whole thing though alone.

Some of my experiences I have with PNI I have written here:

I too, saw my baby as evil, had thoughts or hallucinations that she was somehow deformed and evil and had thoughts that I would kill her with knives!! And over the years on the PNI ORG UK web site I have listened and supported so many women with the same thoughts and experiences.

I did not get any help because PNI was so little understood then and if you were not actually depressed and had not yet committed a voilent act that was known about - they thought you were not ill - and I was not depressed but manic !! And far too scared to tell anyone of my hallucinations and thoughts - so I battled through it entirely on my own - and many women still do!!!!

  • The media seems to think her story is rare
  • But unfortunately for many her story is NOT the exception - her story is the rule for a lot of women I speak to with PNI

I had the same kinds of experiences and I hear it almost every day while running the charity I founded!!! see our support forum:

Many do not write the total details of their thoughts and experiences on the forum but email it to me privately - I hear stories like this all the time!!

I am not trying to minimise hers, others or my experience of Post Natal Illness - it is truly horrendous !! And hats off for her for getting the publicity

But the ignorance of the media, the medical profession and general public that they still think her experience is unusual for many hundreds or even thousands of women who suffer PNI appalls me !!!!!

And does not make my trust that the Media EVER get anything right!!!!

I also feel that a story about PNI has been published more easily than the message I want to get out about HIV as the person with it can be seen as an and innocent victim who did nothing to get or cause PNI

And of course this is true - but are not we with HIV in the same position??

What have those with HIV done beyond what thousands of people do every day -

i.e sex without a condom!!!!!!

And I have had both PNI and now HIV

It is all idiotic to me - the attitudes of the media!!

As doesn't PNI ultimately have a sexual cause originally too ? That is if you apply the logic of the Media!!!!

i.e we would not have babies or thus PNI if we did not have sex!!!

I am a bit angry - as what is the bloody difference

If we do not have sex - and sex unprotected by condoms - we can not get HIV or PNI or in fact cervical cancer !!!!

I am mad right now - as unfortunately for me I have now had both!! And my sexual 'habits' are really so ordinary and in fact only with my husband

Bloody media!!!!

I am so happy that her story was published - but why not my HIV story too?and why is mine only thought to be suitable for the Sunday Mirror!!!
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