Saturday, 31 May 2008

But is there any Point???

I think I have just been taught a lesson in the possible futility of telling everyone your situation in order to educate and hope that those you love do not end up with this thing like you....

Someone I am very close to and knows our situation and that I am trying to have a story published in the papers and why ..........................

Rang up to say she had a few drinks and is not sure whether she had protected sex with someone she does not know too well

- she thinks she did but can not be sure but took a 'morning after' pill just in case to avoid pregnancy.

I said what about an HIV test ??- obviously not for a week or two as with HIV it will not show up until you sero -convert - but its best to have one in a while to be sure. She said that she can't have an HIV test every time she just may have made a mistake!!

I agreed it seemed a bit much to do this!!!!! but afterwards I realised that if anyone is concerned enough to take a pill to avoid pregnancy every time they may have made a mistake, even if not totally sure you did make that mistake ..........................then I guess I feel they, and everyone in that position should be having an HIV and STD test too!!

It does not make sense really to protect yourself against pregnancy but not to make sure you have not picked up any STDs including HIV!! This is exactly why I tell people I love - and even those I do not even know very well - so they will get an HIV test and EVERY time they make a mistake - or even are not sure if they made that mistake - and of course not ever make mistakes. As if she did have an STD or HIV the sooner you know the better.

But if it does not work with someone I am close to and knows my situation well and is so upset for me that I have HIV - how is it going to work with those I do not even know??

Maybe I am going to have to rethink?


gizmoracer said...

There is a point and a very good one at that. Your message will get through to someone somewhere and ultimatly it will save lives. One person alone can't protect the world but you can have a damn good try. You've done a wonderful and very couragous thing and there will be people out there that will be grateful to you for it.

Veritee said...

Thanks Giz
I have no idea if it even made the Sunday Mirror as yet??

As we live about 3 miles from anywhere we can buy a newspaper, there are no buses and my car has broken - it has a severe radiator leak - and because I am disabled and can now only drive an automatic I can not borrow my husbands.

And because he really does not want to read it if it is in there - he is a very shy man and although he agreed I could do it and to be in the photos - he does not want to read it so I am having difficulty persuading him to go and get a paper!!
I will get him to go eventually I guess - I hope they have not run out as they often do our nearest garage!!But it may not have made it in there anyway?