Sunday, 15 June 2008

Sunday People today - 15th June 2008

God it was in!!
And our picture made the front page!!!!!!!

We did not expect that!!

It does not give the story as it appears in full in the paper - or maybe it is because it does not have the pictures or quotes that it seems less extensive?

As I just said to someone on email.........................

It is fathers day today and we were going out - but Barry will not go out now!! He is in hiding!!

He was, of course, part of it going into the papers, and was happy to contribute all along but he did just not expect it to go on the front page - neither did I

So he refuses to go out with me today as planned - Oh well!!! There is always another day!

As he hates being photographed so it was this that has got to him, not the story itself as he was happy to do it as he wanted to warn other men that it really is not worth that 'one night stand 'however tempting it may seem at the time.

I still find him really attractive - despite him not being well - so I just can not understand that he hates the picture ? But.........

  • He thinks he looks awful in the picture

  • I think I look awful in the picture

  • But we both think the other looks great!!

  • Shows what love can do as neither of us looks great- but we both think each other look fantastic!!

  • But in reality we do not - well certainly not as good as we used to look when young anyway!!!!!

  • But we still look wonderful to each other!!

  • And that is really all that counts in the end

He wanted to do the story as much as I

Because he learnt a really hard lesson at an age that he really thought he had no other lessons to learn -and I did too as I should have not taken it for granted that he had never had any other sexual partners in all theses years!!!

Well that's the point as he sees it- if he can do it at his age, and after so many years of what truly is a very happy marriage, others can too!!!

But thank you so much for your support on this
I wish it had never happened - but then I also wish PNI had never happened

- life has so many twists and turns doesn't it?

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