Sunday, 16 March 2008

We have some members on the HIV Womens Network!

It is great that now two women have joined me on the Woman to Woman HIV Network.

I worked very hard yesterday to try to make both this blog and the forum more visually attractive. I will customise the forum properly when I have a few hours to spare as it does take a few hours

Sorry about the pink theme, it is not pink because I am a 'pink' person at all? . I used to hate pink when I was younger as the colour seemed to me to be a 'girly' passive, colour and I was not EVER that at all!!
However I have reclaimed it as an older woman and because I wanted a restful colour - so hence light pink - and I have used green on the PNI sites and Pink now goes with my hair!!!

Three forum posters may not seem like many - but it is a start! And most forums/boards start very slowly.

Years ago it took me about a year to establish the support forum for women with Post Natal Illness. For most of that first year there was only 4 of us.

And I have not as yet advertised this forum properly, as I just wanted to see how it went. But now will as I am sure that if I felt so isolated from other women with HIV to talk to for peer support and an idea about what it meant for them and how they coped with it, then I am sure many others feel the same.

I felt very alone, especially in the first couple of weeks of my diagnosis I so wanted to talk to other UK women and could not find anyone .
Anyway it is a good start and once it goes out on the KPS newsletter and perhaps on other organisations in Truro, Plymouth, Exeter and maybe Wales, I am sure it will pick up.

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