Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Mermaid Center for HIV? - Treliske

A thought from my last post

'They really should update the GU building as it being in a 'prefab' building, with no additional facilities such as alternative and other therapies and tucked away from the main hospital does not help at all!!I guess we all feel like lepers- hidden from sight when we have to go there? '

I know that there is a little money now been allocated to update the GU center - and as a client urge them to get on with this as soon as they can! The facilities you offer right now are absolute crap

Especially for the sort of illness HIV is .............

( by this I mean the building and the lack or extra/complementary therapies respite care/hospice and full time support - not the medical treatment as while I find the whole process of going to a dilapidated GU center to be treated for HIV awful and demeaning, I have not found the actual medical care offered lacking - in fact far from it. They seem to leave no stone unturned in exploring your health status and offer you all the medical treatment you could ask for. )

But ideally I would like to see a HIV center at Treliske like the Mermaid Center for breast cancer

I guess/know this would require people with HIV putting many hours of their own time into making this happen.
I am prepared to do this - or at least start the ball rolling and keep it rolling as long as I can.
If anyone else wants to start, get in touch

But the bottom line - I do not feel that HIV 'belongs' in the GU clinic.

HIV is not the same - the only thing that is the same as other STDs is the way it is acquired for many!!

HIV affects your whole life and it can be - and is - life threatening, unlike other STDs currently

Yes - syphilis was life threatening once and was something that affected your whole life and often your brain function etc - but it is not now- not for over a decade.

But HIV does - it is NOT the same as having any other STD

HIV needs it's own center in Cornwall!
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