Sunday, 9 March 2008

Happier times - we hope today is the start

We went down the local pub today, Sunday Lunchtime.

We did not have a meal as we are cooking it for later but Caja was working there so we thought we would go there for a drink

I would prefer to go out in the evening to this or other pubs but Barry is still too tired at night

Anyway he has never really enjoyed alcohol in the evenings much although he used to at times . Now he only ever has a beer at lunchtimes down the local and not hardly at all since he has been ill, and rarely now drinks at home. I of course do drink wine at home and prefer a drink in the evenings.

But recently he has not even wanted to go down his local - This weekend was the first time in months.

So I thought I would post some pictures of our walk down the lane to our local and the pub.
This is our local - it has not changed much since it was built over 300 years ago - above is the street in the 19 century with miners families in the street.

Barry out side

Me inside & Caja Serving her meals

The walk home!

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