Thursday, 15 April 2010

Pozfem meeting in London - did not make it

This is the first time I did not make a PozFem meeting:

I am now very sad!

I hate traveling and go through a whole gamete of fear every time I wish to go to a meeting more than 3 hours travel away from where I live in Cornwall UK

And living in Cornwall everything is more than 3 hours travel for me - but I usually make it.

But this time it seemed stacked against me as 2 weeks ago  fell & tore my ligament in my good leg. I stil can not walk due to my other leg being damaged by an accident -  But I still was going to try to make it .

Then this morning I woke up at 3pm with vomiting and the shits. No don't tell me it was nerves because it was not. Even though it is far too late to get the train I still have this and can not go much further than next to my toilet - Yes its a bug but also before I had HIV I did not get bugs I was very healthy.

I am so sorry I cant be there this weekend - feel so useless right now

Love to all at Pozfem
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