Monday, 22 September 2008

What is PozFem?

The PozFem Vision paper can be read here:

You can join PozFem yourself - and it would be lovely if others from the south west did - but also I can take anything you are concerned about or want to say about being woman living with HIV to the meeting.

If you want me to bring something up you can do his anonymously by posting it on here or emailing me and I will bring up what you want to say without mentioning in any way who you are.
Indeed if you write it here as a guest I not using you real name - I will not in fact know who you are myself!

Of course if you are happy to put your name to what you want to say - this is fine too!

PozFem UK is:

'the only national network of women living with HIV. It ewas established during Changing Tomorrow, the UK conference of people living with HIV, held in Leicester in September 2004. PozFem UK works through 20 HIV positive regional coordinators who are linked to regional groups around England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The International Community of Women living with HIV/AIDS (ICW) and Positively Women provide technical support to PozFem UK. PozFem UK is an initiative that is funded by The Big Lottery Fund.'

It is a joint project between Positively Women and ICW - International Community of Women Living with HIV and Lottery Funded.

PozFem UK

  • provides a support network particularly to women who are geographically isolated or in prison;
  • keeps women informed of HIV, health and psycho-social issues;
  • sensitises policy makers and service providers to the issues faced by women living with HIV;
  • creates a link between experiences and challenges of women living with HIV, at local, national and global levels.

PozFem is worried about the lack of awareness of HIV in general and Women in particular in the UK
Also lack of understanding of the issues facing women Living with HIV/AIDs in the UK.

'The attention of the British public has
been focused for many years on people
living with HIV in less economically
developed countries, where people
living with HIV commonly experience a
gross lack of access to care, treatment
and support. Whilst this focus is valid
and necessary given the magnitude of
the impact of HIV in these countries, we
are concerned at the lack of
understanding of the issues facing
women living with HIV in the UK.

As PozFem UK members and women
living with HIV in different parts of the
country, we feel it is vital to sound a
number of alarm bells in relation to
sexual health and HIV, and the policies
and strategies which are guiding the
UK’s national response.

If you agree with us, please join or let me have your views and concerns so I can take them to the meeting.
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