Saturday, 27 September 2008

Deep Sleep Treatment

I have been asked what Deep Sleep Treatment or Therapy was/is?

Most of what can be found about it is about what happened re DST in Australia and not in the UK!

It seems to have been completely forgotten that Deep Sleep Treatment was 'invented' in the UK and was continued to be used right up until the early 1980s in UK mental health Hospitals here!!

I was given DST around 1969/70 and within a NHS 'Hospital.

Although the little written about DST in the UK says that here it was done in a 'non -abusive' way and without putting your life at risk as it was administered by 'trained' medical doctors etc I experienced it at the time as HIGHLY abusive, traumatic and it left me with after effects in terms of memory and emotional trauma etc still to this day.

I felt abused then - and I still do now by what happened to me. I may not have died but I was still given:

'massive dosages of a cocktail of barbiturates and tranquilizers that knocked a patient into a 2-week coma'

and I was actually knocked out for nearly 4 weeks not 2! and some of the drugs I was given as I recall would never be given to someone of 17 now, nor in those dosages i.e largactile, Lithium, MAOs, along with at least 5 drugs keep me under a day - and certainly NEVER in combination!!! The side effects and ongoing consequences of any of theses drugs alone in this quantity are now known to be harmful and damaging - yet I was given them all at once!!!!!

But any attempts by me to even get it recognized that DST did happen in the UK has failed ...........that happened to me and while it probably did not put your very life at risk as it did when practiced by incompetent doctors in other parts of the world, it still leaves you with ongoing consequences for the rest of your life - consequences I still suffer! At least in Australia victims of this practice are able to fight back and have joined together and it is recognized what they suffered!

I have been told that there are not even any records that I had this therapy as my hospital records at the time were destroyed when the hospital/asylum I had it in Park Prewit Basingstoke, closed!!!

But in one way I suppose it did me a favor - as after that I then started to fight and NEVER again took any issue life had to throw at me lying down

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