Saturday, 31 May 2008

Radio Cornwall

I was on Radio Cornwall on Monday

But it was so short - and I got NOT ONE response!!!!
Oh well I can only try!!!

It appeared as a small news item about the HIV women's network specifically for women with HIV in Cornwall went out on BBC Radio Cornwall today in the news section.

And then afterward on James Churchfield's programme this morning my interview was aired several times from 7 am.You can hear it all again on iplayer at:

James Churchfield (3 hr)Broadcast on Radio Cornwall Tue 27 May - 06:00 The latest news and information to start your day

You can hear my interview and an interview with a representative from 'Positively Women' in London, UK and a statement from the UK government about money for social care of those with HIV.

(not that I believe what they said!

As someone with HIV have not received so far, nor have been offered any, 'social care' counselling or anything funded by the UK government for HIV. Apart from my essential HIV medications and NHS health treatment - which DOES NOT include any element of social, personal or counselling care!! -

The charity KPS have given me counselling sessions - but government funded initiatives have not. They have provided my medical care, for which I am grateful - but then again I have paid in to our UK National Health Insurance scheme for over 35 years so I am entitled to medical care even for HIV, BUT I have had no care to cope with the shock of being HIV positive or my mental/emotional situation)

Anyway If any women who lives in Cornwall, UK and has HIV - or indeed any woman who is a partner of someone with HIV or a child with HIV and is negative themselves, wishes to discuss the possibility of this network and what I am looking at this consisting of..............

Please do get in touch with me on here, or phone KPS, Kernow Positive Support Website: hours: Monday to Friday 10am - 4.30pm Fax: 01208 77950 e-mail: Website: Helpline: Tel: 01208 264866

And ask them to give you my phone number, or leave your name for me to phone you back.
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