Sunday, 1 January 2017

What do I have. Apart from HIV?

At 16 I was diagnosed to be a psychopath. Actually I was first called psychopathic at 12
Try having that as a diagnosis? At that age??

Despite the fact I have never knowingly or deliberately harmed another person physically or mentally, ever, but that is that is what I have as a diagnosis/label .

I think now it would be called a 'personality disorder'? Which does not carry the stigma psychopath does..3
But .......I had to live with this label most of my life.

And that they call it something else now, does not really help me much

Well I can agree I am a bit odd
But to live with this has been so dire.

And then to get HIV in my 50s really was the last straw for my sanity. But I am trying I am really trying.

But think how it is to live stigmatized your whole life??
I was put in an asylum - it was that then -  and later once admitted to a then so called 'theraputic community'

The Henderson. Did me a lot of good. Taught me how to live with what I have and make a good life

But I never appreciated the then head psychiatrist, when I was there for a year - Stuart Whitely and his colleagues who I also met.......~Writing  the book, about us, that he called  'DEALING WITH DEVIANTS'

Just because he could and got credit for his work.

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