Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Well it is Valentine's day again???

Valentines day should be a good day, especially when you have been married as long as I have and love your husband as I do. But for me it is now such as sad day.

As just before midnight on the 13th Feb 08 - 4 years ago, my husband took his first HIV meds and it hit me like a hammer that HIV would be a part of our lives from now on and forever
and I sat with him

So valentines day is always be a very hard one for me as 4 years ago today Barry took his first HIV meds and it really hit me that HIV would now be in our lives and a huge part of our lives - and forever

Poor Barry....
As this morning 14/02/2012 at around 6am he did the devoted husband thing?? brought me a card saying 'to my beautiful wife' and one lovely red rose ............
But sadly he was greeted with floods of tears, tears that I have been in ever since today!! Oh well that is how life is with HIV 

And also that is life and marriage, the rough and the smooth, and in sickness and in health certainly meant more than I, or he,  ever thought it would !!

Ironically that night 4 years ago we ended up making love. As the clock struck midnight on Valentine's day no less.

Not surprising as we had both been too ill and for so many months to do anything but jsut try to survive.
See my Diary of that time: http://hiv-and-us.blogspot.com/2008/01/dairy.html

Barry was especially ill, far more than I, but with hospital ttreatment he was now, by Valentin's night, 2008 a bit better. 
In fact maybe for over a year we both felt to ill even consider sex. But on Valentines day in 2008 was not long home from hospital and we were both feeling slightly better and good sex has always been a part of our life together

Is it not ironic that it is mainly through sex you get HIV, Yet for us sex became out of the question for a while once we started to become ill in about early 2007?
But that night 4 years ago we did, for the first time in months, make love it was lovely I will always remember it .

But also I will always also remember that night as the night I realised HIV was a part of our life from that day on.
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