Friday, 17 February 2012

My Birthday DinnerTonight 2012

After a few years of total hell, things are looking up for me and I have my new friends, in part, to thank for this.

Tonight I am going out tonight for dinner in a really fabulous place, with Barry, my lovely younger sister and 4 other good friends.

The meal is in a very special place. A small castle which is on a hill and overlooks miles of Cornish countryside and the sea, where there is no electric light so the food is cooked on gas and served in candle light and their are hardly any tables so it is very exclusive.

I often walk up on that hill but have only ate in the castle once before as can not usually afford it. The castle itself is considered a folly as it was first built in 1379 as a chapel and later converted to a castle shaped hunting lodge in... the 17th century by a rich family.

But there have been fortifications on that hill since the iron age and before - a very special and magical place. I am so looking forward to it.

See you all there at 7pm
Love you all
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