Sunday, 19 June 2011

That I have been quiet does not mean our life has been quiet

Since I last posted much at all we have had the following happen .
Thinking we were OK, that yes we both had HIV but since Barry got well and I felt better since we went on the ART with the HIV meds we had a 'weather window ' a reprieve so  we could expect to be well for a few years yet?

So we continued to live our life to the full as always.
So we  started to demolish half of our house to re build it  as it was falling down and we have meant to do it for over 25 years
This was a very big mistake .

As shortly after we started Bary got diagnosed with Prostrate cancer and had to start treatment for this .
Prostrate cancer is not linked to HIV so he may well have got it anyway. Bu tit is very young to get prostrate cancer and people that live with HIV are  50 to 70% more likely to get cancer of all kinds, not just AIDS defining cancers.

So who knows if he would have had prostrate cancer if he had not had HIV?

Then I found I could not use my hands hardly at all and got diagnosed with Kienbocks's_disease

Which is a form of avascula necrosis , which some research thinks is linked to HIV and the ARV meds.

But the jury is out and more research needs to be done .
But basically for me I think it has to be linked.

But who knows?
All I know is Bary is now fighting cancer, I have Kienbocks - which is not good news considering I already have had an ankle fusion and have bad knees and difficulty walking so this was the last thing I wanted to happen .

But life goes on
What choice do you have?
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