Saturday, 13 June 2009

There is no smoke without fire - or is there?

Why is it that since I have had HIV I am not believed that I have been totally sexually faithful to my husband of over 25 years, am not a drug user - well did a few things when a young woman but not anything for over 30 years - and have never taken any other risks for HIV etc?

Yet before I found I had HIV no one had any difficulty accepting that while it is not that common theses days I have NEVER been unfaithful to my husband. So many said I was so lucky to have a relationship whereby I was never tempted ( they were wrong I was certainly tempted but just never did it!! I always just said no!)

But since I have found I have HIV I am so often asked 'are you sure'?

Even - and often - by others who have HIV!!!!!!!!

Of course I'm sure!!
HIV does not change the facts of my life - and does it matter - except to me, that I was faithful ??

It is not that I feel that I am somehow different from any others who have HIV.

I truly believe that HIV is not a matter for blame or fault - it is just a virus.

  • But I just wonder why before I found I had HIV no one questioned my truthfulness in that I said I have never had sex with anyone but my husband for 25 years +
  • it was not a matter of pride or morality - Just a FACT!!

Having HIV does not alter that and I just want to be believed when I say things that are true.

And I have always been a totally truthful person. I have other faults but not telling the truth is not one of them.
So I can only assume that this lack of belief of my faithfulness to one person - yet I live with HIV .............

..............can only be put down to the blame culture around HIV? That somehow if you have HIV you are to blame in some way for having got HIV.

It does not matter how you got it - it is just a virus!!!

I do not believe in 'good AIDs/HIV & bad AIDS/HIV
If you have HIV you have a virus
That's all
And no virus has any questionable or otherwise human values.

And a virus in itself does not carry stigma.

Only humans do.

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