Thursday, 21 May 2009

Are you Positive?

I do not know about you but I lead my life in a completely positive way

Even though I am HIV positive

Our local college - the one my own daughter attended and I taught as a lecturer until 2003
Is putting on a play about HIV

Great is all I can say.

If you live in Cornwall why not come to this?

That others apart from us in Cornwall do have some awareness and care for us who are living with HIV and or AIDs is to me wonderful .

As for so many it is an issue that too often is thought that

  • - is not my problem

But it is or if not it could be for your kids in the future!!

- as you know I have been quite ill and my husband has had AIDs but the latest HIV meds has dragged him back from this .

The message NEEDS to get out

HIV is not just an issue for those who live in other countries, like Africa etc nor is it only an issue for those who live in cities in the UK

HIV is here!!
It is here in Cornwall - and all parts of the UK

Many live with it even in beautiful and rural counties like Cornwall

But due to the huge stigma , so few in rural counties are open about living with HIV
I am open about having HIV and YES living in Cornwall I am sticking my neck out to be so openly living with HIV.

But I think what the heck??!! I have been through far worse already in my 56 years of life.

I have had a really difficult life up till I acquired HIV in my 50s - AND I AM NOT NOW GOING TO KEEP QUIET about this one

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