Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Letter to my HIV Virus

Dear Vee's HIV

I want to make it clear to you and all others that my virus for sure will die with me.
I will never pass you on to anyone else.
But until I die I live in a symbiotic relationship with you my virus in that you can't live without me, but I cannot shift you from my body.

So even though I am on meds that keeps you, for now,  under control, stops you getting the upper hand and overwhelming my body, I can not ultimately get rid of you except ......by my death.

As long as I live you live too.
When I die you die too.

And while I intend to live my life to the full and as long as possible ...........

On my death believe me I will, be while dying, celebrating the death of you the virus that has made me its home.

Very Sincerely



GG said...

Hi Vee,

Hope you're well. My name's Georgie and I work at Talk to the Press. We are a publicity agency in the UK and work alongside the nationals and women's magazines.

I'd be interested in having a chat with you to see if there's soemthing we could do.

If you'd like to find out more email georgette@talktothepress.com and we'll have a chat.

Very best


Veritee said...

Thank you Georgie

I am always interested in doing things like this and happy to do such publicity but I have found that pubicity agents that seek people to tell their story on issues want people who's story has not been told in a national way before.

But so far I have been on local and national Radio, in the Mirror, and a magazine, on Embarishing Bodies - not showing my bits I hasten to add they did a short film with us about living with HIV - and I was on ITV this Morning on 1st December 2011 for World AIDS Day.

If you still have an suggestions I am always willing to try to get the message out there. But probably I have ben too 'exposed' for you

Veritee XXX

Anonymous said...

Hello Veritee,

I'd rather that you didn't publish my comment. I had DST many years ago. Can I send you details of my website privately?


Anonymous said...

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Veritee said...

I have published the advert for a quack cure after much thought because I wanted readers to know I get such comments all the time.

I get people or rather parasites wanting to make money out of me and others that live with HIV and to give false hope to the vulnerable and distressed.
By offering non existent 'cures' for money, our money.

The only thing theses cures will do is cost you money.
The only way to maintain health once you have HIV is to take your ARV meds and try to live as healthily as you can. Of course it is OK to use supplements if you wish ( as long as they are not known to interact with your HIV meds,) but there is currently no cure!

However, to date 3 men have been cured of HIV!
I will write a blog post on this soon.

But they were cured incidentally to leukemia by a long a complicated process of bone marrow transplant during which most nearly died and one has been left with permanent effects.

This is a route that will NEVER be accessible for the majority of people that live with HIV.
But that it happened has pointed scientists to a possible area of research into an eventual cure.
But if this ever comes , this will be in many years time.

So in the meantime ignore such quack offers of cures, take your meds and live a healthy lifestyle.