Thursday, 7 October 2010

HIV philosophy - does it exisit?

Are you religious? Or do you muse philosophy as I do at times?
HIV poses interesting questions for both religion and philosophy

Well in terms of religion I am in fact a believer in that there is a something for sure. Butwhile I have tred for my whole 50+ years of life I am not yet convinced of what it is and may never will be. So I'm a not sure what as yet and still questioning .
So I am agnostic  - not an atheist - There is a real difference - look it up on Google!! 
Philosophy - well it has not yet caught up and encompassed living with HIV as yet - it should though!!

But the main spiritual/philosophical  issue I debate in my own mind right now re the HIV virus is ??...................

Does the  HIV virus  has a much right to live and survive as me or any thing else on this planet?

In a way, as a entity created on this planet Earth  - the wonderful planet that gives and sustains  us all life - to my mind  has the same rights as any of us, animal or vegetable - doesn't it? 

Humans only put themselves at the top of the tree because they wanted to and due to their social intelligence and self awareness could get away with it ?
It does not mean it is true at all does it ?

There is no logic in anyone believing that humans are more important than any organism on this planet or even in the universe is there?

There is NOTHING to say we as human beings are more important to survive than the HIV virus or anything else in this finite  bubble of that blue planet Earth has produced to share our lives - is there?

If we believed this, it would be total arrogance wouldn't it?

As a wider and philosophical issue,  I also believe this may be the case ?

But on  a personal level if I could  kill this HIV virus dead, right now and today, if I had the chance I would not hesitate for a single  moment !

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