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Miracle Mineral Solution! - Denialists and Anti HIV Drug believers

As well as out and out HIV Denialists there are also those who believe HIV exists and can lead to AIDS but believe that HIV medications do you more harm than good and that you can be 'cured' or treated by 'natural ' or 'alternative' preparations and/or treatments.

Some of these people actually have HIV themselves and I really fear for them if and when they get to the point in their HIV infection, like us, that if they do not take the drugs they will get ill and probably, sadly die of AIDs.

But others are those who don't have HIV but believe in 'natural' medication above what they call Pharmaceutical medication for all illnesses including HIV. 

They are not suggesting natural and herbal or alternative medicines are to be used alongside Pharm meds as many do to relieve symptoms ( and if it works for you and does not interact badly with any medication you are on, why not?) but instead rather than alongside of any professionally prescribed Pharmicutical meds.
Here is where the danger lies!

If you argue this with them, that these remedies are highly unlikely to be effective for severe life threatening illnesses like HIV and cancer as medical knowledge is against them being - except in some cases alongside Pharm Drugs and to alleviate symptoms -  and  you try say that they may not, as yet, had any debilitating illness that can be treated with Pharm meds that are potentially life threatening or severely affect quality of life? 

That if they did find themselves with HIV or cancer etc they may find they alter their views and take the Pharm meds, they usually say they would not. But many have never yet had to face this situation so how can they know?

I like to think that they would do the sensible thing and go to a 'real' doctor and take their advice rather than relying on unproven and dubious alternatives only, but I also fear that there are some that would go for 'alternative' medicines and die taking it. As after all there are many with Cancer, other conditions and also with HIV that do go down this line.

To use alternatives does seems a sensible thing to do if alongside Pharm meds. That is if it helps you or relieves symptoms and many reputable AIDS ORGs agree that alternative medications along side traditional treatment can help if you have HIV:

Or if there is as yet no medical treatment for your condition as with ME etc or if your cancer etc is sadly  untreatable, as taking something will perhaps relieve symptoms, at least make you feel you are proactive about your illness and give you hope.

But with something like HIV, that will potentially will kill you untreated, which has no cure but does have a relatively effective treatment, it makes no sense to me at all to take only 'alternatives' and not the HIV meds as well!! Unless perhaps you live in a country or situation where you can not get proper HIV meds, which is always tragic.

Many cite Lorenzo's Oil as evidence that 'alternative' treatments can work. But there is some evidence this may  have some effectiveness in some rare conditions although it is yet to be researched properly. So while I do not believe that it is outside the bounds of probability that some alternative medicines can help some conditions and at the very least relieve symptoms.

But this bares no relation to HIV:

But I was recently posted a link to one that for me takes the biscuit in its bizarreness and air of quackery!

At the very least its name reminds me of potions hawked by the quack doctors of the wild west and that anyone could take any preparation seriously as a cure for anything especially HIV/AIDS astounds me!

It is called MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution
The truth has to be in the name!
As if it cured anything at all it would truly be a bloody Miracle!

Even the name of the 'inventor' has to be suspect - Jim Humble!
He is making a fast buck out of it too selling it online worldwide and his books on many different sites and outlets.

He is a well known fraudster with nothing to back up his claims and apparently his preparation is poisonous in itself. Yet people still buy the stuff!
  • The person who sent me this link actually did mean well. As a believer in 'natural' medicine he really believed that the HIV ARVs must be killing me and I would be so much better off taking a natural medicine like this with such a good testimony! He truly meant well but it appalls me that such is the ignorance about HIV/AIDs even in the UK  that anyone as educated as him and from the UK, could possibly believe that this would be an viable alternative for me or anyone else with HIV?
But what I really object to is is this 'Jim Humble' is also selling it in Africa, where he in fact lives - (and other countries )  which with the numbers in Africa and elsewhere who may have money enough to pay for alternatives but cant get the HIV meds this is a VERY BIG market.
  • And even if he gives it away to some - which he does apparently in a clinic. This is only to give himself a degree of credibility to support him otherwise selling it - with all these so called HIV 'cures' there is always a money making angle
This is not any different from the Pharm companies anti Pharm med people are so against right now, making a profit from their products in my view

At least the Pharm companies have many checks and balances and are monitored
Not saying the Pharm companies are great either, they are also making big bucks out of others misery and illness.But mavericks like this man 'Jim' and so many others can claim, do and say what they like with no one checking them or monitoring what they offer

But what is the harm in promoting these so called cures and treatments for HIV?
Well I, and others, say the potential harm is huge, in my view criminal.

"Many peddlers of bogus cures insist their clients avoid all other treatments, including antiretroviral medicines. By the time a patient realizes the “cure” hasn’t worked, their prospects for successful antiretroviral treatment may well have diminished.
Fake cures may also cause direct harm to health. Inventors often refuse to reveal their recipes. Some so-called cures have been found to contain industrial solvents, disinfectants and other poisons. The dangers posed by the virgin cleansing myth – which advocates sex with children as a cure for AIDS – are only too clear.
Finally, the promotion of fake AIDS cures undermines HIV prevention. People who believe in a cure are less likely to fear becoming infected with HIV, and hence less likely to take precautions."

There sadly are many other so called 'cures' and treatments for HIV/AIDs. Not least beetroot juice as advocated in South Africa by their government before South Africa thankfully got wize last year about the realities of  HIV /AIDs and started to offer free effective meds to those with HIV in SA:

The number of so called HIV/AIDs cures are so numerous to mention here but here are some more  links if you are interested.

If you have HIV/AIDS please do not try them. 
What is sad to me is the number of people that do!

Personally if one day I can not get HIV Pharm meds or they fail for me due to resistance etc the treatment I shall use is GIN! Mothers ruin!

Gin is as good or better than most of the others. At least that way I may leave this life totally sozzled and hopefully not aware of anything much!
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